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We specialize in managing quantitatively driven portfolios of small and mid company common stocks. Our clients are primarily institutions, and we are often one of many investment managers hired to run a specialized strategy.

For more information about our firm, please contact:

Gabriel J. Rodriguez or Mark Coffelt, CFA

Office: (512) 583-0160

Our proprietary quantitative investment process consists of both macro and company-level research. The process begins as stocks are run through our quality model that ranks stocks from highest to lowest based on their fundamentals. These ranked stocks are then run through a multi-factor model that tilts the portfolio to what we believe is the best style and capitalization segment within our benchmark. Each stock candidate is then ranked based on its anticipated contribution to performance and well as risk to the overall portfolio. Our investment team then focuses on the highest-ranked stocks to seek information that may be missing from the data. We believe a structured, quantitative and empirical approach to investing leads to the highest likelihood of long-term performance repeatability by minimizing human error.